• The team

    PhD. Sorin Cace – President Tel.: +40 722652915 E-mail: corsorin[at]mailbox.ro   PhD. Corina Cace- Program Coordinator Tel.: +40 722615457 E-mail: corinacace[at]rdslink.ro   Anton Nicoleta Andreia – Program Coordinator Tel.: +40 723715478 E-mail: andreiascoican[at]gmail.com   Octavian Costin Petcu – Program Coordinator Tel.: +40 727340198 E-mail: octavian.petcu[at]yahoo.com

  • Community development

    We design, organise and run real interventions, profound and efficient, for the welfare of the people, families and communities, irrespective of the age, sex, ethnic affiliation, political options or religious beliefs. We believe in values such as tolerance, pluralism, equity, inclusion, public participation, human rights, participative democracy, social responsibility, local initiative and entrepreneurial project. We mai mult..

  • International cooperation

    The major responsibility of the Department for International Relations of the Association for Socio-economic Promotion and Development CATALACTICA is the initiation, administration and promotion of the relations of collaboration and cooperation with foreign partners… Its main activities are: Establish and maintain foreign relations with experts, public institutions, nongovernmental organisations, academic centres, research institutes and other mai mult..

  • Training

    The Education-Training Department supplies services to the beneficiary persons and communities, to our partners, or services required by the organisations. These services consist in: Information and awareness raising on social and educational issues; Sessions of formation/training, coaching, assistance and orientation for the social workers, teaching and non-teaching staff, socio-educative animators, community facilitators, social mediators, representatives mai mult..

  • Research-Development

    The Research-Development Department supplies services of fundamental and applied social research, development and innovation, using quantitative, qualitative or hybrid methodologies. The research activities were a major dimension of the preoccupations of the Association for Socio-economic Promotion and Development CATALACTICA from its very establishment. Currently, the portfolio of projects, our products and experts answer various requests mai mult..


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